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Alongside our 8 Week Shred packages where you get a full guide to a nutrition plan, we offer bespoke personal training sessions.


There isn’t one workout plan that works for everyone. The secret to success is figuring out each individual’s needs and limitations. We are here to help you set attainable goals.


If you have any specific goals in mind, then our team of fully qualified personal trainers are here to help and guide you towards your health and fitness goals. Even if it’s learning a particular exercise or just needing that extra push!


We believe that inspiration and motivation can go a long way and we can deliver both. Personal training is a journey, everyone starts in a difference place, but it’s the journey in between that is the most important. It is so much more than just physical exercise and nutritional guidance; we strive to give you the confidence and ability to push yourself both physically and mentally. Never underestimate the power of a growth mindset!


If you are looking to get the maximum benefit from your training we offer nutrition packages. Our 8 Week Shreds are an intensive course that pairs up an nutritional plan with personalised training sessions to go alongside your training. By checking in with your progress on a weekly basis our trainers are able to guide you in the right direction to keep you on track and get you the best results possible. Our 10 Week Mini Shred is a smaller, but still effective, addition to whatever membership package you are on. Trainers track your body fat progress weekly to help you keep your focus.

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